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Oh, shock therapy will cure that, dear... [entries|friends|calendar]

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Ep. 2: A New Family and Arsenic on the Rocks [06 Sep 2009|09:32pm]

And so I arrive again, this time bearing the tale a household of epic weirdosity. (It's a word, damn it.) Enjoy their insanity.

So this household, dubbed the "Wheee" family, lives right across the road from our buddies, the Diru-ey family. The house consists of:

Klaha, the awkward one. (Ex. Malice Mizer)

Shinya, the quiet one. (Who looks absolutely nothing like his namesake.)

Miko, the cute one. (existtrace)

And finally, Dirka, the root of all evil. I created her many years ago in TS2 and proceeded to kill her in a number of ways, only to bring her back via cheats so I could kill her again. She is Satan.

Our story begins as our lovely family sees their big, beautiful home, and quietly decides that it's okay. They proceed to stare around at nothing for a good five minutes.

Without saying two words to each other, they go their separate ways.

Dirka chews Miko a new one for existing, while Shinya stares longingly at the toilet. Probably deciding if trying to flush his roommates down it would be worth the effort.

Shinya and Klaha decide that reading is a pretty good way to avoid Dirka, seeing as she's a little nutty. Can't say I blame them.

Oh, not Miko, though. Nope, she dives straight into the crazy and tries to have a decent conversation with Dirka.
Miko: I'm in a rock band, you know.

Dirka: Yeah, your album made a good coaster.

As if pissed by Miko's lukewarm reaction to the coaster comment, Dirka jumps up and scowls. Or she may be smiling. You can't really tell with her.

She then proceeds to freak out about her arm. No idea why, she hasn't actually done anything. She may be crazy.

She decides that her arm is fine again and in an act of thoroughly suprising kindness, Dirka proceeds to cook dinner. I'm not sure if anyone should eat it.

Dirka's eating it, though, so I guess it isn't poisoned. Although, she may or may not have an immunity to Iocane powder.

Everyone else sits down to dinner and Klaha makes a very obvious move on Miko. She doesn't seem all that affected, really. She just stares at him.

After a few minutes, Klaha leaves the table, thoroughly freaked out at Miko's lack of a response. Seriously, she just kept staring at him.

After deciding they hate each other, the Wheee house goes to bed.

Shortly after awaking, Dirka bitches at Shinya for eating his vegetables.

Shinya, saying the first words he's said since they moved in, promptly tells Dirka what she can do with HER vegetables.

He then makes a very intriuging connection between Dirka and Bill Clinton. Dirka isn't pleased.

Dirka: Well, you know what? Just go drink your bottle, you big baby!
Shinya: :I wonder if she realizes she's got something in her teeth.:

Still fuming about the Bill Clinton comment, Dirka bitches at Miko a bit. Miko doesn't say one word. Angry about this, now, Dirka stomps downstairs to make...

Breakfast?! Well, that's a little altruistic of her, but I'm sure there's a catch somewhe- Holy crap, those waffles look like bricks! She's trying to poison them!

As if the brickkles themselves weren't enough, as soon as Klaha comes down to eat a little breakfast...

Dirka snatches them up and throws them away.

A few minutes later, Shinya, Dirka's real target, comes down, and complains about the lack of poisoned waffles too.

After her successful revenge, Dirka goes to bother Miko.

Dirka: Did you steal my gold? YOU BURIED IT, DIDN'T YOU?!

Miko is not pleased.

Meanwhile, Klaha and Shinya have a nice little conversation about bookshelves.... In the bathroom.

After dinner, the family (sans Dirka) sits down to watch Little Shop of Horrors. This is the most normal thing they've done all day.

Next time: Everybody hooks up in the Diru-ey house. And Die cleans the toilet! Yay! *confetti*
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Diru-ey House Episode 1: Settling In [31 Aug 2009|03:28pm]
[ mood | awake ]

(WARNING: Image heavy!)

The Sims 2 has decided to stop working, so I decided to revert back to the Sims 3. I always thought the Sims in TS3 acted a little too normal. Ah, well. It seems any association with Jrock leads to automatic weird, anyway. And so I set the scene for the Diru-ey house:

First off on the roster is Die, guitarist virtuoso and tag-playing maniac:

I still haven't gotten used to creating Sims in TS3, but I think he looks alright, all things considered.

Next we have Toshiya, the normal one:

Yeah, I know. He doesn't look like Toshiya at all. As I said, still learning.

Now we have Kyo. Loner, couch potato, and weird face-maker.

Not too bad, all things considered, I think.

And last, but not least... we have *drumroll*... CJ! My self-Sim. As the resident girl, she tends to gravitate away from the weirdness.

I used to have striped socks like that. It was wonderful.

Now, on to business.

Kyo and Die decide to so some male bonding in the way of playing tag. They kept stopping every five seconds, though. I guess it's the chain-smoking.

No comment.

They live in a cute little house by the sea. They seem to like it. They haven't gone to the beach yet, but CJ talks about jellyfish an awful lot.

Die talks to CJ about speech bubbles. CJ seems thoroughly interested. Meanwhile, Kyo and Toshiya decide that they want no part of this and go their separate ways. This tends to happen a lot.

Die and CJ participated in an enthusiastic game of tag. This also happens a lot.

Kyo decided that the foosball table took too much effort to play, and plopped into his seat on the couch.

Look at that thumb. Freaky bastard.

Die: Wait... CJ... You're a girl. Go make me a sandwich.
CJ: ...

CJ: The Mona Lisa always freaks me out. What's she smiling at, anyway?

Die: I know what she's smiling about.... *Lewd joke about a paintbrush ensues*.

Die: ...and then Toshiya realized we were just cutting out his bass lines, so he was pretty pissed. But then-
CJ: :How does he keep his hair that red?:

Meanwhile, back inside, Kyo yells at the video game like it's done him some great personal wrong. Toshiya hasn't said one word all day.

They sit down for a nice family dinner, but Kyo decides he wants no part of this. His hunger eventually won over, so he begrudgingly grabbed a plate.

Die makes a lewd joke about a Brontasaurus, and Kyo decides that he's not that hungry after, all. Toshiya thinks it's funny, anyway.

While everyone settled in after dinner, I discovered that Die disappeared.

And God said "Where the hell is Die?"

And there the hell was Die.

And God said "What the hell is Die doing?"
And nobody knew what the hell Die was doing.

Kyo decides that the living room is too crowded and decides to paint a cigarette on a mountain. He may be a little drunk.

A few hours later, everyone decides to settle in for bed.

Toshiya gets up before everybody else and stares at nothing for the better part of an hour. But that's not the freakiest thing about this scene. If you looks right behind Toshiya...

You'll see that CJ sleeps with her eyes open. Yeah, I have no idea.

Soon, morning comes and everyone begins to wake up.

Die gets bored and pretends the mirror is Kyo.

Die: Hide behind your creepy bald guy all you want, Kyo. I keel you.

Speaking of which...

Kyo still hasn't woken up.

Okay, I know it was a little boring, but in my defense, they're a too damn normal. I think I'll have to shake up that house one way or another.

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Back in blackish purple. [15 Aug 2009|04:11am]
[ mood | Meh ]

Okay, so I haven't been on here in at least...what... a year? I've been to college, subsequently dropped out, and have now decided to become a writer. Not sure how that's going to work out, so we'll see. But no matter what, I'm never going back to college. Hate that damn place. Feels like I'm in high school again. *grumble grumble*

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Better... But still room for improvement. [15 Jun 2007|12:43am]
[ mood | okay ]

So my journal doesn't look crappy anymore. Cool. But it could be better. Oh, well. I really don't care much anyway.

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Ho'boy, there's some work to be done... [14 Jun 2007|11:49pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Okay, so my journal looks totally craptastic right now. Everything is pretty much... standard...crap. Man, I need some sleep. I'm really redundant when I'm sleepy. Anyway, so this is the first time I've ever used LiveJournal, so I'm totally ignorant to the ways of the... journal... Damn it, there I go again. So I'm going to try to screw with this and make it not suck. Later days.

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